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Who is Asset Recovery?

The Asset Recovery Center (ARC) in the business of remarketing surplus equipment, discontinued products, distressed inventories, and bankruptcy liquidations.

ARC was established as an independent business in 1996 and maintains its headquarters in Connecticut. The majority of ARC's business has been within the Information Technology and Telecommunications sectors. ARC processes several millions of dollars of inventory through their facility each month.

ARC provides a full set of services for Asset removal, storage, salvage and remarketing. A brief description of these processes include,

  • Asset Evaluation - ARC can provide a market value to your capital equipment. Our principals have extensive experience in evaluating high technology equipment.
  • Asset Removal - ARC provides licensed technicians, electricians and movers to complete the task of properly dismantling, packaging and transporting equipment. This service is provided nation wide and internationally (when required).
  • Asset Storage - ARC can provide ample warehousing space for equipment storage. Additional warehousing space can be easily acquired as needed. Our staff is highly experienced in the proper handling high technology equipment.
  • Asset Salvage - ARC works with several external sources in salvaging obsolete or damaged equipment. This includes the safe disposal of hazardous materials such as CRT's and monitors.
  • Asset Reclamation - ARC has the facilities to retest and certify high technology equipment.
  • Asset Remarketing - ARC can provide multiple sales channels for remarketing assets. This includes bulk sales, direct sales, Internet Exposure, and Auctions.

Market Experience

ARC is one of the industries largest asset trading and recovery businesses. A sample of engagements include,

  • Level3 - currently under contract to remove and warehouse assets from more than 50 failed companies in Level3's co-located facilities nationwide.
  • Digital News Media - bankruptcy: removed several millions of dollars worth of capital assets.
  • Prism - bankruptcy: removed, warehoused and remarketed $565 million worth (original cost) of equipment from several 157 co-located facilities.
  • Microcast - bankruptcy: removed, warehoused and remarketed $100 million worth (original cost) of equipment from 30 co-located facilities. Remarketed equipment through multiple sales channels (Internet, Auction, Direct Sales).
  • ATT / Lucent - Closed and remarketed surplus equipment from several facilities across the world.

Other experiences include working with various Fortune 1000 companies that are currently restructuring and require our services to evaluate their capital assets. Customer references can be provided upon request. ARC Principals and Staff ARC maintains a full office, accounting and warehouse staff to provide the needed support to run the day-to-day activities.


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