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LTE Signaling Test

AT4 wireless to show TD-LTE and UMTS signalling capabilities in its E2010 Broadband Wireless Test Set

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Powerwave Technologies
Feb. 18, 2010

Malaga, Spain. 18th February 2010. — During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, AT4 wireless will demonstrate multi-RAT capabilities of its E2010 Broadband Wireless Test Set, including TD-LTE™ and 3GPP UMTS


TD-LTE, Time Division Duplex version of the LTE technology provides asymmetric use of unpaired spectrum allocated to next generation cellular networks. As such, TD-LTE is expected to become a leading cellular communications standard for the next decade, specially in China, and first network rollout is expected to happen during 2010.

“TD-LTE is gaining a lot momentum day-by-day. With the addition of TD-LTE signalling capabilities to the E2010 Broadband Wireless Test Set, AT4 wireless LTE test systems will be able to cover both LTE-FDD and TD-LTE versions in the same platform, switching from one to the other with a simple, automated, software swap.”, said Alejandro Torrecilla, Business Development Manager of AT4 wireless.

On the other side, the expected increase in LTE multi-mode devices to support connectivity with legacy technologies makes inter-RAT a key aspect when testing LTE devices. “As in the case of former multi-mode UMTS devices, inter-RAT with legacy technologies must be tested for both protocol and RRM in LTE devices.” continued Alejandro Torrecilla. “Traditionally, inter-RAT enabled test systems required differentiated hardware for the emulation of each specific RAT and this fact increased complexity and cost. With the inclusion of 3GPP UMTS signalling capabilities in the E2010 Broadband Wireless Test Set, AT4 wireless eliminates the need for specific hardware configurations, simplifying inter-RAT test systems architectures and minimizing total system cost.”

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