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Wireless Broadband Products and Services

Tessco Wireless Broadband Products

TESSCO's wireless broadband products and services cover the full range of applications, from indoor options in wireless LAN/WiFi, hot spots and mesh networks to outdoor solutions such as point-to-point and multipoint, free-space optics, SCADA and more.

Wireless Broadband Solutions
Featured Products and Solutions
SkyWay-MAX Fixed WiMAX
Base Station    CPE
TESSCO’s SkyWay-MAX fixed WiMax solution is an excellent fit for everything from a small private campus network up to a large ISP servicing thousands of subscribers. The all-in-one base station with a single uplink cable makes for simple installation and superior scalability for campus and enterprise systems. Nothing is wasted when the network grows. SkyWay-Max Manager software is included with the base station allowing for customized service levels to each CPE and cost-effect support throughout the network.
  • Choose from any combination of eligible products totaling a minimum of $10,000, and receive 25% off of your personalized SkyWay-Max Starter Kit.

Solectek's new SkyWay-MAX system offers several important advantages to include;

  • The SkyWay-MAX Base station has a 4W amp and can do up to 200W EIRP.
  • A single sector PoP can scale to 3 sectors with GPS synching and no wasted CAPEX—so you throw nothing away.
New Bridgewave SLE100 High Speed 60 GHz Links - For Under $10,000!

BridgeWave has launched the SLE100, a new 100 Mbps complete link for less than $10,000! This full duplex link uses the 60 GHz frequency so it offers interference-free communications with five nines of availability for up to 1/2 mile in all weather conditions, anywhere in the U.S.

For your campus environment or anytime you need very fast and reliable broadband for short distances, the BridgeWave SLE100 delivers. Along with its 100 Mbps user throughput (200 Mbps aggregate), this plug'n'play system comes with an integrated linear directional 40dBi antenna with 1.4" beamwidth, wall amd mast mounts and power over Ethernet capabilities. And for less than $10,000, you get this powerful radio at a great value.
Snaplink Millimeter Wave Wireless Broadband from SnapLink

SnapLink provides a secure, interference-free, high speed, focused beam point-to-point link up to 5 miles - with no license required. And the 24 GHz band eliminates the crowding and power problems associated with other unlicensed bands

The SnapLink product family of IP Radios is easy to install and turn up for data, VoIP and video transport. It uses standard 802.3 Ethernet protocol interfaces to provide 54Mbps (Half Duplex) of clear digital IP transport. Because SL-24U radio operates in the unlicensed 24Ghz band, there is no need for frequency coordination or interface with the FCC.

SnapLink Product Features
  • Cost-efffective IP radio
  • Delivers 54Mbps throughput up to five miles
  • Operates in 24 GHz, an interference-free unlicensed band
  • No overcrowding as in 5.8 GHz band, or power problems as in 5.2 GHz
  • High levels of security due to MAC layer encryption, RF/physical layer, narrow beam widths and atmospheric attenuation
  • A "Snap" to install, turn up, and maintain
  • Features plug'n'play Ethernet interfaces
Aesthetically Pleasing Antennas and Enclosures from TerraWave

TerraWave Solutions offers a complete suite of exceptional quality, weatherized antennas and splitters specifically designed for outdoor WiMax applications. TerraWave's antenna line includes two 3300-3800 MHz high-performance, high-gain patch antennas and five premium quality 3300-3800 MHz sector panel antennas with high gains, slim form-factors, all featured with integrated N-Style Jack connectors. TerraWave's two, three and four-way splitters for WiMax applications are designed to divide or “split” the RF signal from one radio to multiple antennas. Each antenna and splitter is shipped with rugged, outdoor-rated mounting hardware for sturdy deployment and is backed by an industry-leading warranty.
LinkUPS™ Backup Power Systems for Wireless Networks

The New LinkUPS™ Outdoor Backup Power System by Ventev is specifically designed to provide both primary as well as uninterrupted, reliable standby power for critical AMI/AMR, SCADA, Surveillance, Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point and Mesh networking equipment in harsh environmental applications. The durable NEMA 3R weatherproof enclosure has ample room for installation of radio gear including proprietary PoE interface equipment and contains environmentally hardened AC-DC power circuitry rated for long life in freezing as well as sun baked environments.

Temperature compensated charge voltage ensures that back up batteries are ready when AC power fails and provides hours of back up for loads up to 100 watts.

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