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Technology White Papers

Fixed-Line WiMAX

Infonetics Research: Amdocs acquisition of Bridgewater changes policy management game; $1.6B market by 2015

Berkeley Varitronics Systems
September 30, 2011

CAMPBELL, CA,- Market research firm Infonetics Research today released excerpts from its latest Policy Management market size, market share, and forecast report, which tracks policy management software deployed in wireless networks (3G broadband, WiMAX, LTE) and in fixed-line broadband and cable broadband networks.

ANALYST NOTE "The acquisition of Bridgewater Systems by Amdocs marks a shift in the policy management market by creating an integrated policy/charging solution backed by a large, well-established vendor with a strong sales force. Going forward, solutions that integrate policy management with charging and some degree of subscriber awareness will become table stakes, as operators move beyond basic bandwidth management into value-added services and innovative pricing models. Suppliers without that capability will be at a significant disadvantage," believes Shira Levine, directing analyst for next gen OSS and policy at Infonetics Research.


-- The policy management market is heating up as a growing number of
operators deploy policy solutions to address near-term concerns like
network congestion, deliver value-added services, and comply with
regulatory requirements, on top of the many operators deploying policy
management during their LTE trials and deployments
-- Infonetics expects the global policy management software market to
jump 49% in 2011 over 2010, and to hit $1.61 billion in 2015
-- Global revenue from policy management software deployed in mobile
networks is forecast by Infonetics to nearly triple in the 5 years
from 2011 to 2015, driven by operators seeking to:
-- Manage bandwidth usage during peak hours to alleviate strain on
shared RAN resources caused by 3G and PC-based data services
-- Offload traffic onto WiFi networks
-- Enable advanced subscriber controls and variable charging based on
time of day or subscriber profile
-- Create specialized service packages around specific applications
or services, such as social networking or high definition video
-- Control rating and charging for mobile broadband roaming and day
-- Deliver over-the-air provisioning of modems/CPE and support QoS
requirements associated with delivering voice services over WiMAX
and LTE networks
-- Support convergent services that span fixed and mobile networks
-- Machine-to-machine (M2M) connections will be a key driver in the
policy management market, as operators deploy solutions to identify
and track M2M traffic and apply policy rules based on the nature of
the transaction, time of day, network congestion, and other factors

REPORT SYNOPSIS Infonetics' biannual Policy Management report provides worldwide and regional market size, vendor market share, forecasts, and market analysis for policy management software deployed in fixed-line broadband and cable broadband networks, and in 3G broadband, WiMAX, and LTE mobile networks. Vendors tracked: Alcatel-Lucent, BandWD, Bridgewater Systems, Broadhop, ComAbility, Comarch, Comptel, Comverse, Elitecore, Ericsson, FTS, HP, Huawei, Intec, Intracom, Juniper, Nokia Siemens, Openet, Redknee, Tango, Tekelec (Camiant), Telcordia, VBS, others.


-- Larry Howard - VP, Western NA, Asia, CALA:
-- Scott Coyne -Eastern NA, Texas, Midwest:
-- George Stojsavljevic - Account Director, EMEA:
-- Takashi Kimura - TAK Analytics, Japan:

RELATED RESEARCH Download prospectuses, tables of contents, highlights, etc. at (see NEXT GEN OSS AND POLICY for 2011 and new 2012 services).

-- Service delivery platform (SDP) market forecast to hit $5.16 billion
by 2015
-- Convergent charging gets sophisticated; carriers name Amdocs, Ericsson
top vendors
-- Competition heating up in policy management market as role of policy
-- Strong convergent charging market driven by payment flexibility,
service innovation
-- SDP deployment drivers basic but edging toward more sophisticated
-- Subscriber data management market big in Europe, growing fast in all
-- Standalone deep packet inspection (DPI) market to top $2 billion by


-- Service Provider Deep Packet Inspection Products
-- Subscriber Data Management Software and Services
-- Policy Management Deployment Strategies: Global Service Provider
-- Convergent Charging Software and Services

Infonetics Research is an international market research and consulting firm serving the communications industry since 1990. A leader in defining and tracking emerging and established technologies in all world regions, Infonetics helps clients plan, strategize, and compete more effectively.

Lead Analyst:
Shira Levine
Directing Analyst, Next Gen OSS and Policy
Infonetics Research
Email Contact