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Pioneer Consulting Market Report
Table of Contents

Wireless Backhaul 2005: Worldwide Market Opportunities in Cellular
Pricing: US$1,750 Single user license, PDF

  companies with less than 50 employees
  US$3,500 Multi user license, PDF
  companies with 50 or more employees


Chapter 1 – Executive Summary

1.1 Technological Comparison

1.2 Comparative Technology Costs

1.3 3G Market Overview

1.3.1 Lack of Demand
1.3.2 Other Challenges

1.4 4G Market Overview

1.4.1 Demand for High-Speed Multimedia Services
1.4.2 Fixed-Mobile Convergence
1.4.3 Spectrum Issues
1.4.4 Standards & Certification Issues
1.4.5 Technological Challenges
1.4.6 Alternative Applications for 4G

1.5 Prospects for Future Deployment of 3G and 4G

1.5.1 Market Share Forecasts
1.5.2 Manufacturer Strategies
1.5.3 Network Operator Strategies
1.5.4 Global Spectrum Harmonisation

1.6 Forecasts

1.6.1 Mobile Markets
1.6.2 Demand for 2G, 3G, & 4G (Fixed & Mobile)

Chapter 2 – Introduction & Methodology

2.1 Purpose of the Report

2.2 Report Scope

2.2.1 Technologies Covered
2.2.2 Geographic Coverage
2.2.3 Companies Mentioned in this Report
2.2.4 Report Structure

2.3 Methodology

2.3.1 Data Sources
2.3.2 Analysis
2.3.4 Presentation of Results

Chapter 3 – Technology Comparison

3.1 Evolution of Mobile Technologies

3.1.1 First Generation (1G) Mobile Technologies
3.1.2 Second Generation (2G) Mobile Technologies
3.1.3 Second Generation Enhanced (2.5G)
3.1.4 Third Generation (3G)
3.1.5 Fourth Generation (4G)

3.2 3G Wireless Technologies in Detail

3.2.1 Standards Bodies
3.2.2 Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)
3.2.3 High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)
3.2.4 CDMA EV-DO

3.3 4G Wireless Technologies in Detail

3.3.1 Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
3.3.2 WiMAX
3.3.3 WiBro
3.3.4 Wi-Fi
3.3.4 FLO Qualcomm

3.4 Comparison of 3G and 4G Technologies

3.4.1 Technological Parameters
3.4.2 Cost Comparison

Chapter 4 – Market Dynamics

4.1 3G Wireless Technology Deployment & Current Penetration

4.1.1 UMTS
4.1.2 HSDPA
4.1.3 CDMA EV-DO

4.2 Challenges Facing 3G Wireless Technology

4.2.1 High Costs
4.2.2 Uncertain Demand
4.2.3 Firmly entrenched 2G networks
4.2.4 Pressure from 4G / advanced networks
4.2.5 Technological challenges
4.2.6 Slow demand growth

4.3 4G Wireless Technology Development Status

4.3.1 4G Development Drivers
4.3.2 4G Development Challenges
4.3.3 Standards Update

4.4 WiMAX in Broadband Wireless Systems

4.4.1 WiMAX in Fixed Broadband Wireless Access
4.4.2 WiMAX in Wi-Fi Backhaul

4.5 Prospects for Future Deployment of 3G and 4G Wireless Technologies

4.5.1 Quantitative Methodology & Assumptions
4.5.2 North America
4.5.3 Europe
4.5.4 Asia Pacific

Chapter 5 – Major 4G Initiatives

5.1 Supply Side Developments – Manufacturers’ Initiatives

5.1.1 Classification of WiMAX Equipment Manufacturers
5.1.2 Significant Manufacturer-Led Initiatives

5.2 Demand Side Developments – Global Trends

5.2.1 Complemetarity vs. Competitivity
5.2.2 Different Applications in Different Markets
5.2.3 Pre-Commercialisation Trials

5.3 Current Developments

5.3.1 WiMAX
5.3.2 FLASH-OFDM & Qualcomm FLO

5.4 3G/4G Strategic Trends in North America

5.4.1 Mobile Operators
5.4.2 Wireless Internet Service Providers
5.4.3 Wireline Operators
5.4.4 Strategic Drivers

5.5 3G/4G Strategic Trends in Europe

5.5.1 Mobile Operators
5.5.2 WISPs & Wireline Operators
5.5.3 New Entrants
5.5.4 Strategic Drivers

5.6 3G/4G Strategic Trends in Asia Pacific

5.6.1. Regional Heterogeneity
5.6.2 OEM Leadership
5.6.3 Market Segmentation
5.6.4 Strategic Drivers

5.7 Conclusions

5.7.1 Regional Similarities & Differences
5.7.2 Global Spectrum Harmonisation
5.7.3 Market Segmentation
5.7.4 Pioneer’s Prediction

Chapter 6 – Technology Penetration and Bandwidth Demand Analysis

6.1 Fixed WiMAX as Backhaul Technology in Mobile Networks: Market Opportunity Forecast 

6.1.1 WiMAX in Mobile Backhaul: Forecast Model Techniques
6.1.2 WiMAX in Mobile Backhaul: Forecast Model Methodology and Assumptions
6.1.3 WiMAX in Mobile Backhaul: Market Opportunity

6.2 WiMAX in Mobile Backhaul: Scenario Analysis by Region

6.2.1 North America 
6.2.3 Asia Pacific

6.3 Bandwidth Demand Analysis: Network Requirements

6.3.1 Bandwidth Demand Forecast Model Methodology and Assumptions
6.3.2 Forecast Network Bandwidth Requirements in North America
6.3.3 Forecast Network Bandwidth Requirements in Europe
6.3.4 Forecast Network Bandwidth Requirements in Asia Pacific

Chapter 7 – Conclusions

7.1 Comparative Technology Costs

7.2 4G Network Development Drivers & Constraints

7.2.1 Drivers
7.2.2 Constraints

7.3 3G Network Development Drivers & Constraints

7.4 Prospects for Future Deployment of 3G and 4G

7.4.1 Global Themes
7.4.2 Regional Themes

7.5 Forecasts

APPENDIX 1 – Assumed Mobile Subscriber Usage Patterns A-1

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