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Pyramid Research Market Report
Table of Contents

Positioning WiMAX How WiMAX Stands Up To DSL, Cable, Wi-Fi and 3G
Pricing: US$1,990 Single user license, PDF


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1: WiMAX: The Big Picture

1.1: Why are Operators Interested in Broadband Internet?

1.2: Wireless Broadband Choices are Multiplying

• What is WiMAX?
• WiMAX — A Work in Progress
• WiMAX Deployment: Three Phases

1.3: WiMAX Promises and Shortcomings

• What Does WiMAX Promise?
• Could WiMAX be Too Good to be True?

1.4: The CPE Dilemma

1.5: WiMAX Niche Opportunities

• Meshing Wi-Fi and WiMAX
• WiMAX and Satellite

Section 2: Surveying the Market: Executives Tell All

2.1: Scope and Methodology

2.2: Operator Perspectives

• Operators Feel Quite Familiar With WiMAX and Expect It to be Successful
• Operators are Considering a WiMAX Investment
• Different Approaches to Spectrum Use
• WiMAX vs. Proprietary Broadband
• Pricing is Unclear
• Vendor Positioning: What Do Operators Expect From Vendors?

2.3: Industry View: Important Factors to Determine the Future of WiMAX

2.4: Industry View: Market Segmentation

• Geographical-Addressable Market
• Customer Profile

2.5: Industry View: Key Applications for WiMAX — Fixed

• Wireless Broadband, Backhaul and Mobility
• WiMAX Will First and Foremost be a Fixed Solution
• Backhaul — An Obvious Winner
• WiMAX Mobility
• Cellular vs. WiMAX
• Is WiMAX a Threat to 3G?
• WiMAX and Voice

2.6: Industry View: Will WiMAX Substitute or Complement?

Section 3: The WiMAX Opportunity

3.1: WiMAX — Fixed Wireless Broadband

• Scenario 1: Conservative Approach
• Scenario 2: More Optimistic View on Residential Market Adoption

3.2: Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G: Friends or Foe?

• Prospects for 802.16e

3.3: Wi-Fi and WiMAX

• WiMAX as an Enabler of Wi-Fi Growth
• Global WLAN Public Hot Spot Forecasts
• Global WLAN User Forecasts
• Wi-Fi and WiMAX — Competitors

3.4: 802.16e vs. 802.20


List of Exhibits

Exhibit 1:
Global Voice Revenues, 2001-2009
Exhibit 2: Global Narrowband and Broadband Line Expansion, 2004-2009
Exhibit 3: Overview of Different Wireless Broadband Technologies
Exhibit 4: Timeline of WiMAX Standardization
Exhibit 5: The Spectrum of Broadband Wireless Models
Exhibit 6: Spectrum Allocation for WiMAX
Exhibit 7: Overlapping Networks: 802.11x and 802.16a/e
Exhibit 8: Wi-Fi Mesh Networks Provide Redundancy
Exhibit 9: Breakdown of Online Survey Respondents
Exhibit 10: Breakdown of Operator Interviewees
Exhibit 11: Titles of Operator Interviewees
Exhibit 12: Functions of Operator Interviewees
Exhibit 13: Locations of Operator Interviewees
Exhibit 14: Operator Interviewees’ Company Size in Revenues
Exhibit 15: Operator Interviewees’ Company Size in Employees
Exhibit 16: “How familiar are you with WiMAX?”
Exhibit 17: “Do you think WiMAX will be successful?”
Exhibit 18: “Has your business considered investing in WiMAX?”
Exhibit 19: “How much does your company plan to invest in WiMAX equipment over the next several years?”
Exhibit 20: “How long do you think it will take your company to break even on a WiMAX investment?”
Exhibit 21: “What factors will drive uptake by operators?”
Exhibit 22: “At what frequencies would you consider deploying WiMAX?”
Exhibit 23: “Will WiMAX replace proprietary broadband fixed wireless technology?”
Exhibit 24: “Which would you buy, WiMAX or proprietary?”
Exhibit 25: “Which vendors currently supply WiMAX equipment?”
Exhibit 26: “Which vendors will eventually supply WiMAX equipment?”
Exhibit 27: “What factors will contribute to the success of WiMAX?”
Exhibit 28: “Will WiMAX succeed?”
Exhibit 29: “What factors will hinder the success of WiMAX?”
Exhibit 30: “Where will WiMAX be deployed?”
Exhibit 31: Operators Think WiMAX Will be Deployed More Often in Urban Areas
Exhibit 32: “Which customer segments will be addressed by WiMAX?”
Exhibit 33: “What factors drive uptake by consumers?”
Exhibit 34: “What applications will be enabled by WiMAX?”
Exhibit 35: “What types of companies will deploy WiMAX?”
Exhibit 36: “What flavor of WiMAX do you think will be deployed most often?”
Exhibit 37: “Do you expect that there will be seamless handoff between WiMAX and 2.5/3G?”
Exhibit 38: “What functionality is most important in a wireless network?”
Exhibit 39: “Which will perform better, cellular or WiMAX?”
Exhibit 40: Perception of Performance/Service Quality
Exhibit 41: “Is WiMAX a potential complement to Wi-Fi for limited mobility?”
Exhibit 42: “Is WiMAX a stand-alone, ‘semi-mobile’ system?”
Exhibit 43: “Does WiMAX pose a threat to 3G?”
Exhibit 44: “Do you think WiMAX will support voice?”
Exhibit 45: “Do you think WiMAX will support voice directly to phones or through a WiMAX or WLAN phone?”
Exhibit 46: “Do you think WiMAX is a disruptive technology?”
Exhibit 47: “Do you think WiMAX will be used as a complement or a substitute for other fixed or mobile solutions?”
Exhibit 48: “Will WiMAX complement or substitute DSL or cable?”
Exhibit 49: Fixed Wireless Broadband Subscriber Projections
Exhibit 50: WiMAX (802.16d) Projections, 2005-2012
Exhibit 51: Breakdown of Broadband Lines, 2012
Exhibit 52: Pyramid’s Optimistic WiMAX (802.16d) Projections, 2005-2012
Exhibit 53: High-Bandwidth Mobile Subscribers, 2005-2012
Exhibit 54: WiMAX (802.16e) Projections, 2005-2012
Exhibit 55: Wi-Fi vs. WiMAX: Local vs. Metro
Exhibit 56: Global WLAN Hot Spot Forecasts, 2002-2009
Exhibit 57: Global Wi-Fi Users, 2002-2009
Exhibit 58: Global Wi-Fi Subscriptions, 2002-2009

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