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Pyramid Research Market Report
Table of Contents

MVNOs and MVNEs: Analyzing the Viability of Virtual Mobile Players
Pricing: US$2,490 Single user license, PDF


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1: MVNO Landscape and Profitability Analysis

1.1 The Correlation Between MVNO Operational Models and Profitability

1.2 MVNO Growth: More than 100m Subscribers by 2010

1.2.1 MVNO Global ARPUs and Revenue Evolution

1.3 Are MVNOs Making Money?

1.3.1 Bringing Down CPGA: The Case Against Handset Subsidies
1.3.2 Facing the CCPU Challenge
1.3.3 MVNOs, the Churn Argument, and the ARPU Challenge
1.3.4 MVNO NPV Analysis
1.3.5 The Bottom Line: An Unattractive Segment
1.3.6 The Future of the MVNO
1.3.7 How Next Generation MVNOs Plan to Turn the Model on Its Head
1.3.8 Mobile ESPN: Counting on Fanatics to Drive up ARPU

1.4 Profitability Case Study: Tracfone Wireless, Inc.

Section 2: Breaking Down the MVNE Opportunity

2.1 MVNEs: Selling Today’s Picks,Axes, and Shovels

2.2 What Is an MVNE?

2.3 MVNO Value Chain:Where the MVNE Fits

2.4 Why (some) MVNOs Need MVNEs

2.5 MVNE Business Model and Revenue Opportunity

2.5.1 MVNE Revenue: A US$100m+ Opportunity

2.6 The Future of the MVNE

2.7 MVNE Profiles

• Visage Mobile
• mPortal
• Versent Mobile (enablement division of DBS Communications)
• Telcordia
• TynTec Limited


List of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: MVNO Operational Models
Exhibit 2: MVNO Target Market Mapping
Exhibit 3: MVNO Global Subscriber Base and Share of the Mobile Market
Exhibit 4: MVNO Share of Market by Region
Exhibit 5: Pre-paid Share of MVNO Subscriber Base in Selected Markets , 2005
Exhibit 6: MVNO Service Revenue by Region
Exhibit 7: Economic Levers of Different MVNO Categories
Exhibit 8: MVNO vs. MNO CPGA
Exhibit 9: Sample MVNO Gross Margins
Exhibit 10: Subscribers per Employee: MVNOs vs.MNOs
Exhibit 11: Estimated MVNO CCPU vs. MNO CCPU
Exhibit 12: MVNO Churn vs. MNO Churn
Exhibit 13: MVNO ARPU vs. MNO ARPU
Exhibit 14: NPV Sensitivity Analysis
Exhibit 15: MVNO vs. MNO EBITDA Margin
Exhibit 16: MVNO Net Contribution per Subscriber vs.ARPU
Exhibit 17: Mobile ESPN’s Pricing Plans
Exhibit 18: Tracfone Wireless Subscriber Forecasts and Growth, 2001–2010
Exhibit 19: Tracfone Wireless Quarterly Minutes of Use, 2001–2005
Exhibit 20: Tracfone Wireless Churn Rates, 2001 (3Q05 YTD)
Exhibit 21: Tracfone Wireless ARPS, 2001–2005
Exhibit 22: Tracfone Wireless’ OPEX and OPEX to Revenue Ratio, 2001 (3Q2005 YTD)
Exhibit 23: Tracfone Wireless’Airtime Costs as a percentage of Its Airtime Revenues, 2001–2005
Exhibit 24: Tracfone Wireless’Airtime Costs as a percentage of Its Total Revenues, 2001–2005
Exhibit 25: Tracfone Wireless’per-minute Wholesale Pricing, 2001–2005
Exhibit 26: Tracfone Wireless’ Revenues and EBITDA Margins, 2001 (3Q05 YTD)
Exhibit 27: MVNE Value Chain, with Key Supplier and MVNE Positioning
Exhibit 28: MVNE Segmentation Map and Key Players
Exhibit 29: MVNE Necessity vs. MVNO Operational Model
Exhibit 30: MVNE Services Revenues in Western Europe & the US Market (based on low-end recurring fees)
Exhibit 31: Visage Mobile Services
Exhibit 32: Visage Mobile’s Reported Partners and Alliances
Exhibit 33: mPortal’s MVNO Customers
Exhibit 34: mPortal Software & Services
Exhibit 35: Versent Mobile’s Services
Exhibit 36: Positioning Telcordia in the MVNO Value Chain
Exhibit 37: Telcordia Partners in MVNO Enablement
Exhibit 38: TynTec’s Product and Service Offerings
Exhibit 39: TynTec Partners
Exhibit 40: MVNO’s Alternatives to Offer SMS Services

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