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Senza Fili Consulting Market Report Abstract

UMA and Beyond: Mobile Operators Benefit from Wi-Fi and Cellular Convergence

US$ 1,995 Single user license, PDF


US$ 2,500 Singe user license, PDF and paper copy


US$ 4,500 Corporate global license, PDF


US$ 5,000 Corporate global license, PDF and paper copy

Report Overview

"UMA and Beyond: Mobile operators benefit from Wi-Fi and Cellular Convergence" provides a comprehensive assessment of UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) technology and Wi-Fi and cellular convergence. This report from Senza Fili Consulting presents a clear, concise overview of the technology, and explores the market drivers that will lead to adoption. To help service providers and vendors size the opportunity, it includes a forecast of the market demand and revenue opportunity for UMA services.

Topics covered

  • UMA technology overview
  • Standardization efforts
  • Drivers to adoption in different geographic markets, with forecasts of user demand
  • Services for the residential and enterprise market
  • The opportunity for mobile operators
  • The competitive threat to fixed operators and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers
  • The role of handset manufacturers

Extensive forecasts (2006-2010)

  • Impact of Wi-Fi and Cellular Convergence on subscriber usage of fixed and cellular lines (including analysis of effect on MoU from home and away from home, on metered and unmetered calls)
  • Impact of Wi-Fi and Cellular Convergence on subscriber usage of fixed and cellular lines (including analysis of effect on MoU from home and away from home, on metered and unmetered calls)
  • Revenues from Wi-Fi and Cellular Convergence services, including revenues gained by mobile operators (taking into account the effect of cannibalization), and revenues lost by fixed operators

All your key questions answered

  • When will UMA handsets be available and how much will they cost?
  • What is the timeline for deployment?
  • Will subscribers pay for UMA services? How much is UMA worth to them?
  • What is the effect of broadband and Wi-Fi penetration on UMA demand?
  • Will users be able to use UMA phones in hotspots? Is this a key adoption driver?
  • What is UMA and how does it relate to other ongoing standardization efforts, such as 3GPP (The Third Generation Partnership Project) and IEEE 802.21?
  • How can UMA guarantee quality of service (QoS)?
  • How (and when) will UMA move towards SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and all-IP networks?

How this report will help you

Mobile operators - understand the opportunity offered by Wi-Fi and cellular convergence and learn how to take full advantage of it

Fixed and VoIP service providers - evaluate the competitive threat posed by UMA and develop an alternative Wi-Fi convergence strategy

Vendors - assess the demand, and establish a timeline, for Wi-Fi and cellular converged handsets and learn more about the mobile operators' requirements

Investors, consultants, regulators - gain a better understanding of the Wi-Fi cellular convergence ecosystem and a new perspective on the potential of the technology 

This report offers a timely, in-depth analysis into one of the hottest emerging areas in the cellular and Wi-Fi industry. It is essential reading for those evaluating UMA and those who want to stay at the forefront of technological innovation in mobile telecommunications.

About the author

Monica Paolini is the founder of Senza Fili Consulting. She is an expert in wireless technologies and has helped clients worldwide to understand technology and customer requirements, evaluate business plan opportunities, market their services, and estimate the market size and revenue opportunity of specific services. She has frequently been invited to give presentations at conferences, and has written several reports and white papers on wireless broadband technologies. She can be contacted at

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