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Visant Strageties Market Report Abstract

Emerging Wireless 2006

Electronic Copy: $2,899 (single user)


Corporate License: $4,099 (total)


Additional Copy: $999


Study Summary
Emerging Wireless examines opportunities presented by recent and forthcoming wireless platforms, including next generation IP-based wireless technologies, TD-SCDMA and HSDPA. It also looks the criteria and various definitions of next generation networks (NGN) and fourth generation wireless (4G). Fixed and mobile markets are considered and assessed.

Analysis is provided for 802.16, 802.20, HSDPA and subsequent UMTS releases, UMTS TDD, TD-SCDMA, proprietary broadband wireless technologies and FLASH-OFDM. Developments in Japan are also monitored and the future role of technologies such as intelligent antennas, OFDM, software defined radio, and mesh networking is assessed. Subscribers, device shipments, and base station deployments are quantified and detailed and a comparative analysis of these technologies is provided.

Questions Addressed
  • What markets will TD-SCDMA find inside and outside of China
  • What timeline will technologies evolve by
  • Which applications must next generation platforms support
  • What criteria will determine success of next generation platforms
  • Is additional fragmentation inevitable in the wireless market
  • Which technology represents the best investment
  • How do new technologies compare
  • Will fixed and mobile systems converge
  • Can 802.16 impact the mobile space
  • Can HSDPA and future 3GPP releases hold off competitors
  • Will mobile technologies replace 802.16 for fixed applications


  • 802.16 infrastructure, client devices, subscribers and revenues for each
  • 802.20 infrastructure, client devices, subscribers and revenues for each
  • HSDPA infrastructure, clients devices, subscribers and revenues
  • UMTS TDD infrastructure, client devices, subscribers and revenues for each
  • Proprietary systems, infrastructure, client devices, subs and revenues for each
  • WCDMA subscribers, Infrastructure, device shipments and revenues for each
  • TD-SCDMA infrastructure, client devices, subscribers and revenues for each


  • Technologies
  • Applications
  • Regions
  • Vendors
About Visant Strategies
Visant Strategies is a New York-based strategic market research and consulting firm that focuses on emerging markets. The company was founded by veteran analysts with over twenty years of combined experience in the analysis and study of the emerging technology markets, with a focus on wireless narrowband and broadband markets as well as wireless components. Visant Strategies research intends to be independent, realistic and unbiased.

Research Methodology
Visant studies are the result of primary and secondary research. Analysts gather information via interviews with marketing and engineering executives, corporate reports, databases, and other secondary sources. Evaluations are made based on the current performance of various components of a particular technology, including need, market potential, technology evolution, maturation, price points, and the companies and resources being put towards the development or deployment.

Analyst Time
Visant reports include 35 minutes of client support time with the author of the report. This can be used to be walked through some aspects of the report of most interest or to gather additional insight to some of the conclusions of the report or its findings.

Visant Strategies
PO Box 503
Kings Park, NY 11754
631-544-6449 (phone)
631-980-3668 (fax)

Publish Date
Visant Strategies, Inc. first published this report, “Emerging Wireless” January 2006.
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