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Iran WiMAX

For the first time in Iran: Irancell WiMAX Accessible in 7 Cities!

Other Topics: WiMAX Test Receiver Notebook, 4G Wireless Investment

January 27, 2010

Irancell has started providing the subscribers in 7 cities with WiMAX High-Speed Wireless Internet.

According to Irancell Public Relations, WiMAX service is launched for the first time in Iran during Daheye Fajr and on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of Islamic Revolution, providing the subscribers in Esfahan, Ahvaz, Tabriz, Tehran, Shiraz, Karaj and Mashhad with 64 Kb/s to 2Mb/s bandwidths.
After providing its subscribers with various mobile phone services, Irancell is now intending to offer an opportunity to the subscribers to experience DIFFERENCE in using high speed, high quality wireless internet via WiMAX. The interested subscribers can enjoy this technology by using a CPE and their PCs only.

WiMAX subscribers will have access to standard, high speed internet anywhere under WiMAX network coverage. Therefore, all WiMAX subscribers in cities and areas under WiMAX network coverage will be able to have easy access to internet. Using different types of Irancell WiMAX CPEs, the subscribers will no longer need to be close to the antennas and will be able to have access to internet either indoors or outdoors.

Some of the advantages of using WiMAX technology are: low costs of development and maintenance, small and portable CPE, no interference, high network security, CPE integration, creation of the required infrastructures for data transmission network development, development of e-Commerce capacities and having no need for cabling or phone lines.

According to this announcement, other WiMAX advantages include: easy registration, offering various bandwidths between 64 Kb/s to 2 Mb/s upon the user request, various payment methods, the option of paying the charges using Irancell vouchers available, the option of using several CPEs for one account and integrated payment, refunding the purchase price in case of subscriber’s dissatisfaction and CPE installation and operation support.

Irancell has also promised to offer VoIP services to home and business users in the next phase.

Irancell is offering incentive tariffs for WiMAX between 21st January and 11th February 2010 on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of Islamic Revolution; afterwards, the subscribers may continue enjoying the same tariff or switch to one of the new promotional tariff plans to be offered subsequently. The tariff plan is in fact a package including the subscriber's desired monthly traffic and throughput. For instance, the subscribers may choose a tariff plan which consists of 128 Kb/s throughput and 3 GB monthly traffic.

WiMAX subscribers may also have an option to choose between prepaid or postpaid payment methods. Moreover, all WiMAX subscribers will at any time have access to their itemized bills and service usage details regardless of their payment methods.
Irancell WiMAX out of bundle rate for using subscription free internet with 64 Kb/s throughput is set to be 100 Rials per 1MB data exchanged.

The monthly WiMAX subscription fees at 128 Kb/s, based on a Basic tariff plan are 150,000 Rials (with 3 GB free traffic) and 450,000 Rials (with an unlimited traffic). The same tariff for 256 Kb/s throughput is 290,000 Rials (with 3 GB free of traffic) and 850,000 Rials (with an unlimited traffic).
WiMAX monthly subscription fee of 512 Kb/s throughput with 4 GB free traffic and with an unlimited traffic are 350,000 Rials and 1,200,000 Rials respectively.

The monthly subscription fee for 1 Mb/s throughput, based on a Basic tariff plan is 800,000 Rials (with 10 GB free traffic) and 2,000,000 Rials (with an unlimited traffic. And finally, the subscription fee for 2 Mb/s throughput with 20 GB free traffic and with an unlimited traffic are 400,000 Rials and 3,600,000 Rials respectively.

All Irancell postpaid and prepaid WiMAX subscribers will be able to enjoy the additional traffic at the price of 100 Rls/Mb as the out of bundle rate and can also purchase a 1GB , 2GB , 3GB , 5GB or 10GB additional bolt-on.

Using a bolt-on, the subscribers of all WiMAX tariff plans may increase their traffic whenever their usage amount exceeds the usage limit permitted in the chosen tariff plan or when the subscriber needs a more amount of traffic within a certain period of time. Irancell WiMAX additional bolt-ons are specific internet usage packages which may be used for increasing the traffic volume of the first chosen tariff plan at a discount price for a limited period of time. For example, WiMAX subscribers of 64 Kb/s service may purchase and use a 1GB additional bolt-on at the price of 72,816 Rials.

According to this announcement, Irancell WiMAX CPEs are supplied in two kinds: indoor and outdoor. The indoor CPEs which are smaller and easies to install and apply are proper for internet usage at home and/ or small offices. Since the signals are weaker in areas where the buildings are condensed or have complex structures, outdoor CPEs are recommended for such places due to their high capacity for signal transmission.

Presently, Irancell indoor and outdoor CPEs are supplied to the customers at the prices of 1,100,000 Rials and 2,200,000 Rials respectively.

Please refer to www.irancell.ir for any further information on WiMAX technology, registration and payment methods, diverse tariff plans, bolt-on and out of bundle usage, CPE provision, the map of areas under coverage and a list of authorized dealers for Irancell WiMAX .

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