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WiMAX VoIP Networks

MetaSwitch and SOMA Networks Deliver Integrated Solution for VoIP over WiMAX

Other topics: Motorola Fiber-to-the Node (FTTN), WiMAX Strategic Responses

April 11, 2007

Leading Softswitch and WiMAX Vendor Join Forces to Assure Carriers of Interoperability and Ease of Deployment, Reducing Time to Market

MINNEAPOLIS - MetaSwitch, a leading vendor of next-generation switching and application solutions, and SOMA Networks, Inc., a leading provider of Mobile WiMAX technology, announced today at the IP Possibilities Conference & Expo a partnership that provides a proven solution for carriers looking to deploy next generation applications over wireless broadband services. As a result of the partnership’s rigorous interoperability testing, service providers can quickly and confidently deploy Voice over IP (VoIP) and high speed Internet access to subscribers without requiring access to the incumbent carriers’ local loop facilities.
A key differentiator for the combined solution is that both the SOMA broadband wireless system and MetaSwitch elements integrate native support for VoIP. All MetaSwitch systems are built around an IP switching architecture, while SOMA indoor gateways, which reside in the home or office of the end user, offer an all-in-one device that integrates the functionality of a wireless broadband modem, analog terminal adaptor (ATA) and Session Initiation Protocol user agent (SIP-UA). As a result, no additional gateway hardware or telephone adaptors are required at either the service provider’s or the end user’s premises to enable an end-to-end high-quality voice service.

For carriers operating in rural areas, the solution will be particularly appealing since both SOMA Networks and MetaSwitch have received Rural Utilities Service (RUS) listing for their products. This means that qualifying rural telephone companies can purchase the end-to-end VoIP switching and broadband wireless system with federally subsidized funds. For 2007, the program budget provides for more than $1 billion in loans and grants for telecommunications and broadband access equipment.

“By collaborating to ensure interoperability, MetaSwitch and SOMA Networks are accelerating the adoption of voice services utilizing VoIP over a mobile infrastructure, in a context where we predict WiMAX subscribers to reach 67 million by 2012,” said Adlane Fellah, CEO and founder of Maravedis, a Toronto Canadian research firm specializing in WiMAX and broadband wireless. “Collaboration such as this between two market leaders fosters greater ease of use, more rapid deployment and faster return on investment.”

“Service providers are increasingly looking for ways to cost-effectively reach a larger customer base with high-value offerings. MetaSwitch and SOMA are teaming to provide forward-looking carriers with a clear differentiator,” said Andrew Randall, MetaSwitch vice president of marketing. “Our solution provides carriers a lure much stronger than a simple price discount; this enables carriers to offer services such as IPTV, broadband access or IP PBX across a defined geographic area.”

MetaSwitch’s switching and applications solutions build on field-proven open softswitch architecture to deliver deployment flexibility, scalability and carrier-class reliability. Through the use of open protocols and interfaces based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards, the MetaSwitch open softswitch architecture is a platform for the future that, crucially, also interoperates with a wide range of legacy equipment deployed in today's carrier networks.

“With this partnership, customers are assured that SOMA and MetaSwitch solutions will be fully interoperable, leading to faster deployment and rapid return on investment,” said Tom Flak, chief marketing officer at SOMA Networks. “We are excited to be partnering with MetaSwitch, and expanding our softswitch ecosystem, to bring carrier-grade, standards-based solutions and additional multimedia services options to service providers of all sizes.”

By integrating SOMA's FlexMAX™ Mobile WiMAX Systems with ecosystem companies such as MetaSwitch, wireless operators that want to offer reliable voice service and other multimedia applications, have the added assurance of high quality of service (QoS), scalability, and bandwidth efficiency for VoIP applications over a broadband wireless infrastructure. With an all-IP architecture that supports the Mobile WiMAX 802.16e-2005 standard, the FlexMAX System base stations and subscriber devices and the SoftAir™ Wireless Multimedia Application System integrate with existing core network applications and infrastructures and provide a business case that ensures rapid payback.

About MetaSwitch
MetaSwitch is an industry-leading vendor of switching and applications solutions for both packet and circuit-switched networks. Its widely deployed call agent, media/signaling gateway and application server platform supports a full range of Class 4/5 capabilities and hosted unified communications services. Based on open standards including IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), MetaSwitch solutions scale from a few hundred to millions of subscribers in both integrated and distributed configurations. Customers include incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers, as well as operators of broadband wireless, cable and fiber networks. MetaSwitch is a division of Data Connection, a consistently profitable and privately held telecom technology provider. For more information:

About SOMA Networks
SOMA Networks is a leading provider of Mobile WiMAX solutions. Focused on bringing broadband wireless access and advanced applications to the home, SOMA’s FlexMAX™ Mobile WiMAX and SoftAir™ Multimedia Application Systems provide a complete solution using an all IP-based architecture. SOMA technology enables service providers to drive revenue through value-added multimedia applications and services, delivering wireline performance over a broadband wireless infrastructure. SOMA is a principal member of the WiMAX Forum®, and its FlexMAX Mobile WiMAX System supports the 802.16e-2005 Mobile WiMAX standard. Deployed on five continents, SOMA is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Delhi, and Singapore. Visit for more information.

Data Connection and MetaSwitch are trademarks of Data Connection Limited and Data Connection Corporation. Brands and products referenced herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Copyright © 2007 Data Connection Limited

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