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Motorola WiMAX

Vietnam Takes a Wireless Leap with Motorola wi4 WiMAX

Other topics: WiMAX Neutral Spectrum,
WiMAX Mesh Solutions, Interoperable WiMAX Products

June 21, 2007

Washington DC -- Motorola, Inc. and Vietnam Datacommunications Company ( VDC ), a company within the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group ( VNPT ) today signed an agreement to commence a technical and commercial WiMAX trial in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the nation’s two largest cities.
It is anticipated that the deployment of Motorola’s wi4 WiMAX will allow VDC to reach a wider subscriber base, help meet the demand for broadband, as well as roll out IP services such as VoIP without the need for wired infrastructure.

The year long trial is expected to begin in October 2007. Phase one will cover an urban area in Hanoi and the second phase will cover a similar urban area in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Using WiMAX for wireless broadband access is key to a market such as Vietnam where wired broadband penetration is low,” said Jay Andersen, vice president for sales, South and East Asia, Home and Networks Mobility, Motorola. “It has the potential to enable the country to leap frog current wired technologies so that a larger population in Vietnam’s rapidly growing market can be connected quickly and affordably,” Mr. Andersen noted.

“We see a future where wireless broadband can truly enhance the way of life in Vietnam and add its people to the knowledge economy,” said Pham Long Tran, chairman of VNPT Group. He added, “Adopting an open standard like WiMAX is the best way to serve our customers and future subscribers.”

“We are proud to be part of VNPT’s first mobile WiMAX trial in Vietnam,” said David Knapp, general director, Motorola Vietnam. “This marks a true milestone for this maturing country and demonstrates the foresight and dedication of VNPT to improving the nation’s infrastructure,” stated Mr. Knapp.

WiMAX is part of Motorola’s MOTOwi4™ comprehensive portfolio of wireless broadband solutions and services that deliver and extend coverage. With this unique portfolio comes an innovative end-to-end solution. Delivering IP coverage to virtually all spaces, MOTOwi4 also includes fixed, mesh, and indoor solutions for private and public networks. All of the MOTOwi4 solutions complement each other and can be deployed to meet the specific requirements for public and private networks.

Globally, Motorola has been driving the development of WiMAX through strong industry alliances and collaborative agreements with industry-leading companies. Motorola has been selected by Sprint Nextel and Clearwire in the US, Wateen in Pakistan, and Agni in Bangladesh for nation-wide WiMAX deployments. Motorola has several commercial contracts for WiMAX deployments worldwide and multiple trials happening around the Asia Pacific region. For more information on Motorola’s wi4 WiMAX solution, visit:

About Motorola
Motorola is known around the world for innovation and leadership in wireless and broadband communications. Inspired by our vision of seamless mobility, the people of Motorola are committed to helping you connect simply and seamlessly to the people, information, and entertainment that you want and need. We do this by designing and delivering "must have" products, "must do" experiences and powerful networks -- along with a full complement of support services. A Fortune 100 company with global presence and impact, Motorola had sales of US$42.9 billion in 2006. For more information about our company, our people and our innovations, please visit

About Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group
Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group ( VNPT ) is the country's major state-owned post and telecommunications provider. It focuses on providing infrastructure and services to the nation's residents, managing logistics and sourcing, acting as consultant to other entities in the sector, and promoting postal and telecom industry development. VNPT owns eight state-affiliated companies including Vietnam Datacommunications Company, several joint ventures and 13 other subsidiaries in the country and in the region.

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