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WiMAX Lebanon Network

Redline's RedMAX(TM) products chosen for first WiMAX network in Lebanon

Other topics:
WiMAX Service Rollout, WiMAX Access Solution

Redline Communications Inc
November 12, 2007

Comium Data Lebanon selects Redline's WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) system for high-capacity IP network in Lebanon

Toronto, Canada -- Redline Communications Inc, a leading provider of standards-based WiMAX and broadband wireless infrastructure products, today announced that its RedMAX(TM) WiMAX products have been chosen by Comium Data Lebanon ("Comium"), for its country-wide WiMAX network in Lebanon.
Comium Data Lebanon is part of the Comium Group, which has a presence in 14 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Poland, France, and several countries throughout the Middle East and Africa, and is one of four licensed data carriers in Lebanon. Comium Data is the first in Lebanon to deploy WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) WiMAX equipment for commercial voice, video and data broadband services. Redline's RedMAX technology was selected following a competitive review process to replace Comium's existing line-of-sight fixed wireless access legacy infrastructure for its broadband network. Comium plans to complete country-wide coverage based on RedMAX by mid-2008.

"Comium chose Redline products to construct the largest, most rigorously engineered IP network in Lebanon because we believe that Redline has the most technologically advanced, reliable WiMAX infrastructure solutions available today," said Khaldoun Farhat, VP, Comium Data. "Redline's WiMAX technology enables us to deliver high-bandwidth services to a higher number of subscribers than with other solutions we considered, with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week fault-proof availability."

Comium joins the more than 125 operators worldwide that have chosen Redline's RedMAX products for their WiMAX deployments. Comium's WiMAX network will have the potential to pass hundreds of thousands of homes and currently has many thousands of subscribers in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Tripoli, Keserwan and Nabatiye with potential for additional growth.

"Comium is one of the latest examples of a leading telecommunications company with the vision and expertise to choose WiMAX technologies as the foundation for their broadband wireless networks," said Kevin Suitor, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Redline Communications. "The economic and operational benefits of WiMAX continue to ensure that operators expand their networks and service offerings to reach new, lucrative markets without the burden of substantial capital expenditure."

The Redline RedMAX installation delivers high-speed internet and data services to VLAN and WWAN enterprise customers, SOHO and SME customers and educational and health care institutions, using Redline's WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) RedMAX Base Station (AN-100U), RedMAX Outdoor Subscriber Unit (SU-O) and RedMAX Indoor Subscriber Unit (SU-I).

The RedMAX network consists of Redline base stations that connect with end-users in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Tripoli, Keserwan and Nabatiye via Redline subscriber units. The WiMAX links connect customers at distance of up to 17 km at speeds of up to 2Mbps per connection for applications such as telemedicine, branch offices, and remote ICT development centres.

Redline's RedMAX(TM) Family
Redline's RedMAX family of WiMAX solutions includes the world's first complete system to receive the WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) mark for conformance to the WiMAX standards for performance and interoperability. Redline's carrier-class RedMAX Base Station (AN-100U) supports voice, video, and prioritized data traffic, enabling long-range, high-capacity wireless broadband networks. Redline's WiMAX products also include the RedMAX Indoor Subscriber Unit (SU-I) and Outdoor Subscriber Unit (SU-O) designed for enterprise and residential services. The RedMAX Management Suite enables operators to monitor and control the network, ensuring high service availability. Redline is maintaining its WiMAX leadership with the expansion of its RedMAX family to include products for additional frequency bands, applications and standards.

RedMAX 4C Mobile WiMAX
The RedMAX 4C is the latest addition to Redline's family of WiMAX products. Operating in the 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz spectrum bands, RedMAX 4C is designed to conform to the requirements for 802.16e Certification Wave 2, which is the WiMAX Forum's official certification program for Mobile WiMAX. Supporting a high concentration of subscribers, it enables operators to realize a rapid return on their WiMAX investment, with a low total cost of ownership. The RedMAX 4C includes a modular, standardized micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture chassis base station that is small, lightweight and easy to deploy. RedMAX 4C will also include a suite of indoor and outdoor fixed and portable end-user devices such as laptops, mobile handsets and PDAs.

About Comium Data Holdings
Comium is a Group of Engineering and Service companies specializing in fixed and mobile telecommunications networks and services. Founded in 1994, the Group is an acknowledged leader in the provision of telecommunication services in the Middle East and African markets, with growing interests in both North and South America. For more information, visit www.comium.com.

About Redline Communications
Redline Communications (www.redlinecommunications.com) is the leading provider of standards-based wireless broadband solutions. Redline's RedMAX(TM) WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) systems and award-winning RedCONNEX(TM) family of broadband wireless infrastructure products enable service providers and other network operators to cost-effectively deliver high-bandwidth services including voice, video and data communications. Redline is committed to maintaining its wireless industry leadership with the continued development of WiMAX and other advanced wireless broadband products. With more than 50,000 installations in 80 countries, and a global network of over 100 partners, Redline's experience and expertise helps service providers, enterprises and government organizations roll out wireless broadband networks to support advanced communications.

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