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Pyramid Research Market Report
Table of Contents

Transforming Telcos with IPTV: Business Models, Content Challenge, and Pay TV Competition
Pricing: US$2,490 Single user license, PDF


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1: IPTV Technology

1.1 What Is IPTV?
1.2 How Does IPTV Work?
1.3 What Are the Main Pieces of the IPTV Architecture?
1.4 Technology Keys to IPTV Success
1.5 Is IPTV Ready?

Section 2: The IPTV Value Proposition and the Evolution of the Telco Business Model

2.1 The Death of Voice as We Know It
2.2 Emerging Telco Business Model: Triple Play to the Rescue

Section 3: IPTV Business Models and Key Factors of Success

3.1 IPTV Success Framework: Where Is IPTV More Likely to Be Successful?
3.2 IPTV and the ADSL Coverage Advantage
3.3 Telcos and the Content Challenge: Content Is King, to a Point

3.3.1 Sourcing Model: From Distribution to Creation
3.3.2 Content Acquisition: When Size Matters
3.3.3 Content a la Carte: Potentially Good for IPTV Market Share Gains, Viability Doubtful
3.3.4 Premium Content Is Important, But Broadcast Channels Are Critical
3.3.5 VoD: Not Quite the Present, Vital to the Future
3.3.6 Successful IPTV Is About a Focus on Broadband — Not TV

3.4 Pricing: The Power of Bundling
3.5 Digital Terrestrial TV: Friend and Foe
3.6 The Challenge of Regulation

Section 4: IPTV Competition and Forecasts

4.1 IPTV Competition: What Cable and Satellite Will Do
4.2 IPTV Forecasts from 2001 – 2010

4.2.1 What Exactly Are We Counting?
4.2.2 Europe, Asia Lead the Way

Section 5: Carrier Case Studies*

5.1 The Upstarts

Free Telecom
Yahoo! BB

5.2 The Incumbents

France Telecom
Chunghwa Telecom

5.3 The Rivals


*Sample Case Study

5.1.1 Service Positioning
5.1.2 Competition and Market Share
5.1.3 Content Offerings
5.1.4 Service Pricing
5.1.5 IPTV Technology
5.1.6 Subscriber, Revenue and Profitability Performance
5.1.7 Key Lessons

Exhibit 1: Promised IPTV Applications
Exhibit 2: IPTV Technology Value Chain and Vendors
Exhibit 3: Video Compression Technology Primer
Exhibit 4: Comparative Look at IPTV Access Technologies
Exhibit 5: Voice Traffic Losses
Exhibit 6: Sample Consumer VoIP Services
Exhibit 7: Evolution of Telefónica Revenue Base, 2004-2008
Exhibit 8: IPTV Market Attractiveness Framework
Exhibit 9: Carrier Approach to IPTV
Exhibit 10: ADSL vs. Cable vs. IPTV Homes Passed
Exhibit 11: IPTV Subscribers as a Proportion of Broadband Subscribers for Selected Carriers
Exhibit 12: Evolution of Content Ownership
Exhibit 13: Football TV Rights Costs in Selected Markets
Exhibit 14: Programming Costs per Subscriber
Exhibit 15: Market Size: Pay-TV vs. Selected Carriers Cell/BB
Exhibit 16: IPTV Subscribers by Region 2001-2010
Exhibit 17: Evolution of IPTV Share of Pay-TV in Selected Markets
Exhibit 18: France Pay-TV Market Share
Exhibit 19: Freebox TV Pricing Details (Part I)
Exhibit 20: Freebox TV Pricing Details (Part II) (prices in euros)
Exhibit 21: Free Share of Broadband IPTV, Pay-TV
Exhibit 22: Freebox TV Users and Pay-TV Subscribers
Exhibit 23: Telefónica Share of Broadband IPTV, Pay-TV (1H2005)
Exhibit 24: Imagenio Pricing Details
Exhibit 25: Imagenio Subscriber Growth
Exhibit 26: PCCW Share of Hong Kong Consumer Broadband, Pay-TV
Exhibit 27: IPTV vs. Cable Pricing
Exhibit 28: IPTV Penetration of PCCW Consumer Broadband Base
Exhibit 29: IPTV Pay-TV as a Proportion of Total IPTV
Exhibit 30: ARPU for Selected Pay-TV Service Providers
Exhibit 31: Major Conglomerates and Their Affiliates in the Telecommunications and Cable-TV Markets in Taiwan
Exhibit 32: Pricing Schemes of Pay-TV Offerings in Taiwan
Exhibit 33: France Pay-TV Market Share
Exhibit 34: MaLigne TV Pricing Details
Exhibit 35: FT’s Share of Broadband IPTV, Pay-TV
Exhibit 36: Broadband Household Penetration in Japan
Exhibit 37: Pay-TV Offerings in Japan
Exhibit 38: BBTV Pricing Details
Exhibit 39: FastWeb Share of Broadband, Pay-TV, IPTV
Exhibit 40: FastWeb Pricing
Exhibit 41: FastWeb Subscriber Base
Exhibit 42: Comcast Pricing Schemes
Exhibit 43: Comcast Service Bundles
Exhibit 44: Comcast Subscriber Dynamics
Exhibit 45: ARPU Trending Up With Bundled Services
Exhibit 46: US Pay TV Operator Landscape: Subscribers and Market Share
Exhibit 47: FiOS TV Pricing Details
Exhibit 48: Pricing Details for Pay-TV Operators in Keller, Texas
Exhibit 49: Comparison of Households Passed by Cable and Telcos
Exhibit 50: DirecTV Pricing Details
Exhibit 51: DirecTV Subscribers, ARPUS and Revenues, United States

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