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Motorola Powerline MU Gateway




Powerline MU Gateway

Powerline MU enables service providers, building owners and businesses to transform a building's internal electrical system into a powerful communications network. The Powerline MU Gateway injects a broadband signal from a backhaul source directly into the electrical lines. For broadband access, subscribers simply plug their computer or router into the Powerline MU Modem. Since the Gateway is located in the building's electrical distribution area, coordination with the electric utility is not typically needed. This reliable, plug-and-play solution is part of the MOTOwi4 portfolio, delivering high-performance in a cost-effective way to take your network beyond what you thought possible.

This device is the head-end of Motorola's Broadband over Powerline MU system. It inputs an Ethernet signal and converts it into HomePlugTM protocol for injection onto the low voltage wires that deliver electricity to individual units or tenants in a multi-dwelling or multi-tenant location. The Gateway couples the broadband signal onto 1 - 3 phases of the electric service. In North America, commercial buildings are typically served by three phases of electricity. In regions outside of North America, you may find one or two phases of electricity. The Gateway can couple the signal onto a phase of the electric service by plugging into an electric outlet wired to that phase or the signal can be inductively coupled to that phase by clamping an inductive coupler around insulated wiring carrying that phase of the service. In this way, the Gateway feeds BPL broadband signal through the existing electrical wiring in the building traveling through either a master electric meter or individual meters assigned to subscribers. The signal ultimately travels through a user's circuit breaker panel in parallel with the electricity that is distributed to standard outlets throughout a home, hotel room or small business.

The MDU Gateway can serve approximately 50 subscribers and delivers an average of 8-12 Mbps effective bandwidth. An individual subscriber's bandwidth will depend on the number of subscribers online, the building's wiring, the subscriber's household wiring and computer, and distance from the BPL injection point. One MU Gateway will typically serve up to 300 feet within a location. A licensed electrician is required for gateway installation.

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