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Unisol International
Unisol International Unisol Version en Español

Proxim Wireless is a leader in infrastructure for wireless networks and offers the widest range of products Wi-Fi and high-performance products for fixed wireless companies, telecommunications providers, service providers, network owners, OEMs and small businesses.

WiMAX Indoor Subscriber Unit Wireless Network Infrastructure WiMAX Bridges on WIMAX Industry
Tsunami MP.11 Model 5012
Indoor Subscriber Unit
Tsunami GX Tsunami Quickbridge II
Broadband Wireless Access Solution Proxim Base Station Unit High Power WiMAX Antenna
Tsunami Quickbridge.11 Tsunami MP.11
Model 5054-R
Tsunami MP.11
Model 5054-R-LR
WiMAX Subscriber Unit Outdoor Subscriber Unit WiMAX Carrier-Class Point-to-Point Radio
Tsunami MP.11
Model 2454-R
Tsunami MP.11
Model 5012
Lynx.G5 Series
Point-to-Point Digital Radio    
Lynx.GX Series    

UNISOL International Corp.
8024 NW 90 Street.
Miami, FL. 33166
United States of America

PH: 1 - 305 - 885 - 2656
Fax: 1 - 305 - 888 - 4499



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