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Unisol International
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SkyPilot Networks SkyConnector SkyGateway SkyControl

Unlike other systems Broadband wireless network Mesh the Broadband of SkyPilot is highly flexible. You can concurrently handle data, voice and video applications; different uses of the networks and multiple levels of service. Based on protocols and synchronized in an advanced switching arrangements antennas, SkyPilot solutions provide great scalability and performance for all applications of wireless Broadband.


Point-to-Multipoint Base Station SkyGateway
High-capacity point-to-multipoint base station with point-to-point links into multi-hop broadband wireless network.
Broadband Wireless CPE SkyConnector Mini
Economical broadband wireless CPE for long-range residential subscriber connectivity.
Wireless Broadband CPE SkyConnector Classic
Broadband wireless CPE for particular frequency requirements.
Wireless Network Visualization SkyControl
A powerful EMS Applications that offers unparalleled network visualization through integration with Google Earth
Point-to-Point Backhaul SkyExtender
Range-extending point-to-multipoint base station with integrated point-to-point backhaul and multi-hop relay capabilities.
Wireless CPE for Long-Range SkyConnector Pro
Robust broadband wireless CPE for long-range business subscriber connectivity.
Wi-Fi Access Point SkyAccess DualBand
Wi-Fi access point with integrated 5 GHz backhaul for low-cost outdoor HotSpots.

UNISOL International Corp.
8024 NW 90 Street.
Miami, FL. 33166
United States of America

PH: 1 - 305 - 885 - 2656
Fax: 1 - 305 - 888 - 4499



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