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Customer Premises Equipment

The BreezeMAX platform comes with several CPE types to provide operators with the ultimate flexibility to serve a diverse range of business and residential customers cost effectively.

There are two primary types of CPE units, a self-install indoor CPE, and for longer range, an outdoor CPE. Both CPE types support the same rich set of features based on Alvarion’s vast experience in development and deployment of broadband wireless networks that boast over 2 million deployed units, including:
  • Integrated Intel® PRO / Wireless 5116 broadband interface
  • Self-install and outdoor for extended coverage
  • Integrated smart card
  • Dual mode FDD/TDD software defined radio
  • Data, voice, WiFi and E1 / T1 interfaces
  • Full indoor NLOS deployment
  • For urban, suburban and rural deployment scenarios
  • Multiple antenna options
  • Support for fixed and nomadic applications
  • Dynamic resource allocation protocol (DRAP) for quality voice services
  • 10 Mbps net throughput per CPE
  • SNMP management
BreezeMAX Broadband Data IDU
The BreezeMAX broadband data IDU is the basic CPE providing wireless connectivity. It connects the subscriber’s PC or network via a standard Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (RJ 45) interface.
BreezeMAX Networking Gateway IDU
The BreezeMAX networking gateway IDU is the optimal networking solution for both home and small business users. It features an advanced integrated broadband router with comprehensive Ipsharing and security capabilities. The networking gateway IDU has four 10/100 Base-T ports and a wireless access point. This networking solution is so powerful that it can enable comprehensive high-speed connection sharing for multiple users, while providing the freedom of high-speed, wireless broadband connectivity to home and SOHO networks with integrated 802.11b/g Wireless LAN functionality. With features such as static & dynamic routing, NAT functionality, built-in firewall and an indoor WiFi coverage, the networking gateway presents operators with a compelling high quality, home networking solution.
The BreezeMAX PRO CPE is comprised of an outdoor radio unit (ODU) and an indoor network interface unit (IDU). The CPE ODU contains the modem, radio and integral or external, high-gain flat antenna. The BreezeMAX CPE IDU is available in multiple network configurations to optimally serve the broad array of market segments and applications. Each version of IDU connects directly to the ODU via a category 5 Ethernet cable that carries the data traffic, power and control signals between the IDU and ODU.
BreezeMAX Si CPE (Self-installable, indoor subscriber unit)
The BreezeMAX Si is a compact, portable, single box device that is deployed indoors, typically near the end user’s PC. It is designed for plug and play operation, enabled by using a user-friendly application provided on a CD with the unit. The BreezeMAX self-install CPE supports intelligent antenna steering functionality using six antenna elements with 9dBi gain. Services and interfaces supported include 10/100 Base-T for IP data, 802.11b/g for WiFi hotspots, 1 or 2 POTS (RJ11) ports for voice services and battery back up. It is available in a dual FDD/TDD mode and is suitable for urban, suburban and rural deployments.
Broadband Voice Gateway CPE IDU.
The broadband voice gateway IDU provides integrated voice and data services for residential and SOHO users and is available in two models: One 10/100 Base-T data port and ONE RJ-11 voice POTS port One 10/100 Base-T data port and TWO RJ-11 voice POTS port Featuring advanced voice and data functions such as VLAN tagging, traffic prioritization by IP DiffServ, H.323 and SIP protocols support, Class 5 voice services (3-Party conference, call waiting, call hold), integrated management and more, the broadband voice gateway IDU presents an ideal solution for operators seeking to serve the combined services of broadband voice and data.