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Motorola Canopy Wireless Point-to-MultipointCANOPY in its line of wireless products the Broadband aimed at providing access service high-speed data in areas of broad coverage or WMAN. Motorola Canopy System is the solution of broadband that significantly reduces the cost and time needed to offer wireless service. The Motorola Canopy platform has a robust high-speed connectivity to private networks such as governments or enterprises for ISPs and carriers. This platform is scalable and secure enduring high speed applications.

High Security: Canopy offers DES encryption (Data Encryption Standard) in all its equipment and AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) is optional.

Incredible Speed: The speed of descent and ascent of information from the Canopy platform is as or higher than any other service available today. The point-to-multipoint system offers speeds from 14 Kbps to 512 Mbps, and systems Point to Point offers speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 300 Mbps.


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