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WiMAX Pico Base Station

WiMAX for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)

Broadband Wireless Access providers are seeking an alternative last-mile access infrastructure. In order to be cost effective, this alternative must be of a low cost technology, have access to the home, a direct connection to the network, have high Quality of Service and fast time to deployment. WiNetworks delivers a WiMAX Compact Base Station approach to immediately meet all the major concerns of the BWA operator.

The WiNetworks Win-Max solution uses fully compliant WiMAX 16e compact/pico base station (WiN7000, WiN7200) compatible with any WiMAX indoor/outdoor mobile CPE device. WiNetworks designed its Win-Max Base Stations with a SoC based approach using the WiMAX Forum® Certified Mobile WiMAX product model SQN2130-RD for Mobile WiMAX (MIMO) base stations. Using the WiMAX 802.16e technology, WiNetworks can offer a wide range of frequency availability for fast deployment in any spectrum range.

This WiMAX 16e solution gives fast Internet, voice and mobile TV services, immediately expanding the coverage area to previously unreachable residential and business customers.

The WiNetworks WiN7000 compact base station, part of the Win-Max E series, is specifically designed as an all-outdoor model. This design allows installation flexibility on external walls, street lamps, commercial towers, and utility poles. This flexible mounting means no extra costs in building and placing towers, or extra expenses for base station housing.

The WiN7200 is a scalable, single piece mini base station that provides dedicated, enhanced in-building services and capacity. The smaller mini-size makes this solution the lowest cost base station available for a high speed WiMAX access. The lower output power and smaller subscriber support make it an ideal choice for indoor/outdoor installations making WiMAX available for indoor users. The WiN7200 is light weight and can be easily installed by one person.

By using the Compact and Pico Base Stations, BWA operators can be assured of a high performance, direct connection solution, decreasing infrastructure and operating costs.

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