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WiMax Manufacturers on WiMAX Industry - 802.16 Solutions


Adaptix WiMAX compatible technologies

Advanced Data Technology Telecom & Wi-Fi labs

Agilent Wireless communications

airBand Broadband communications services

Airespace, Inc. Wireless networking infrastructure

AirNet Communications Wireless base stations

Airspan Networks Broadband wireless systems

Airzed Wireless broadband service provider

Alcatel Fixed and mobile broadband networks

Altitude Telecom Multi technologies Telco operator

Alvarion Broadband Wireless Access

Analog Devices Signal processing

Andrew Corporation RF subsystem solutions

Aperto Networks Broadband wireless solutions

ARRIS Broadband access solutions

AT&T Internet voice & data services

Atheros Wireless networking technologies

Atmel Advanced semiconductors

Axxcelera Broadband Wireless Data networking

Azimuth Systems Wireless test solutions

Azonic Systems Broadband wireless communication

Beceem Broadband wireless solutions

Berkeley Varitronics WiMAX Test Equipment

British Telecom Telecommunications services

CableTV Technology Telecommunications solutions

Cambridge Broadband Wireless access equipment

Cavalier Group 700 MHz License holders

Cellcom Broadband telecom provider

Ceragon Broadband wireless networking systems

CETECOM Test Systems solution provider

Chantry Network management

China Motion Telecom Telecomm products & services

Cisco Systems IP networking solutions

Clearwire Wireless broadband Internet service

Colubris Networks Networks equipment

COM DEV 50 MHz to 3 GHz

Compliance Certification Services Electronic Filing

Comtech AHA Error correction technology

Covad Communications Broadband service provider

CTS Communications Components Network access

Cushcraft Corporation Communications antennas

Cygnus Multimedia Comm Semi-conductors

Daintree Networks Equipment & network design

Dell Custom computer systems

Deutsche Telekom Telecommunication services

Digiweb Broadband Services Provider

Dishnet Wireless Ltd GSM based telecom services

Distributel Long Distance Service

eAccess Ltd. ADSL and Broadband service provider

EDX Wireless Network design tools

Eircom Voice, data and internet services

Elcoteq Wireless communication technology

Euskaltel S.A. Telco and CableCo operator

Eyebill Wireless Billing Solutions

Filtronic Design/manufacture of cellular componets

First Avenue Networks 39 GHz licensed spectrum

FON Broadband access provider

France Telecom Telecommunications carrier

Fujitsu WiMAX-compliant baseband ASSP

Fusion Communications Corp. Telephone services

Hopling Wireless solutions

Huawei Technologies Telecom equipment

Iberbanda Broadband telecommunications

IDT Telecom Fiber optic network infrastructure

InfiNet Wireless Ltd. Broadband wireless access

Inovaware WiMAX Billing

Innowireless Test equipment of Base Station

Integrated Devices Wireless chips and boards

Intel Corporation networking & communications

Intracom Telecommunication systems

IntraISP WiMAX Billing

Invenova Test and measurement systems

Invento Networks Broadband wireless infrastructure

Iqara Telecom Broadband access provider

Iskra Transmission Microwave and fiberoptics

Ixia IP network testing solutions

K & L Microwave RF and Microwave filters

Kiwi Networks WiMAX Software Solution

L3 PrimeWave Fixed Wireless Access System

LCC Wireless Network Development

LG Electronics Wireless telecommunication

LightCore Fiber optic network

Lucent Technologies Communications networks

Marconi Telecommunications Solutions

MediaSeti Wireless internet access

MiCOM Labs RFand EMC testing

mmWave Technologies Turnkey wireless networks

Motorola Communications technologies

Mpower Communications Communication services

Murandi Communications Ltd. Wireless designs

Navini Wireless broadband technology

NetLogix WiMAX Network consulting

nex-G Systems Carrier class systems

NextNet Wireless NLOS broadband provider

NextWave Telecom Broadband service provider

NextWeb Wireless Broadband ISP

Nortel Networks Wireless network supplier

Nozema Nethelands wireless internet services

OFDM Forum OFDM community

Orthogon WiMAX Backhaul

P-Com Wirless access system developer

Paragon Hardware Provider

Parks Brazilian telecommunications retailer

PCCW Asian telecommunications provider

PCTEL Wireless networks services

PicoChip Flexible wireless solutions

Piepenbrock Schuster Consulting AG Consultants

Pipex UK telecommunications service provider

Portugal Telecom Inovao Service developer

Posdata Information Technology Services provider

PowerNet Global Telecommunications solutions

PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultants

Pronto Networks Carrier class OSS provider

Proxim Wirless network solutions

Qwest Video and data service provider

Radionet Outdoor broadband network supplier

Radwin Point-to-multipoint, point-to-point solutions

Redline Communications Fixed wireless systems

Redpine Signals Wirless LAN consultants

Reliance Infocomm Limited Indian Telcom provider

RF Integration RF/Mixed Signal ASIC's  designer

RF Magic Fabless semiconductor company

RFI Compliance solutions provider

Rohde&Schwarz Test/measurment equipment

Runcom Technologies Ltd. Technology developer

Sanjole Broadband wireless tester

SBC Diversified communications company

SC Lithuanian Radio & TV Center Ground transmitter

Securitas Direct Security w/telecom solutions

SEQUANS Communications Fabless semiconductor

SES Americom Satellite service provider

SGS Taiwan Ltd. testing/certifying/monitoring

Shenzhen Powercom RF products manufacturer

Shorecliff Communications wireless/wireline services

SIAE Microelettronica Telcom equipment

Siemens Mobile  Mobile communications solutions

Sierra Monolithics Fabless semiconductor company

Sify Limited Integrated end-to-end solutions

SiGe Semiconductor, Inc. RF front-end solutions

SiWorks Semiconductor solutions

SkyPilot Networks Carrier-class broadband

Skyworks Solutions wireless semiconductor solu.

Speakeasy Independent broadband ISP

SpectraSite Wireless site operators

SR Telecom BFWA technology provider

St. Arnaud Holdings Inc. C. American wireless opr.

Sterlite Optical Technologies Optical fiber cables

RAMS Group WiMax Billing & OSS

StoneBridge Wireless, Inc. Wireless access

Stratex Networks Microwave radio solutions

Sumitomo Electric USA Telecom technology

Symbol Enterprise mobility solutions

TATA Teleservices Ltd Indian telephony services

TDK Wireless component solutions

Telabria Fabless IC Company

TelASIC Communications Radio front-end IC

Telecis Wireless Fabless IC, wireless chipsets

Telenor Telecom research and Development

TeleSym SymPhone system VoIP telephony

Telsima Converged network solutions developer

Terabeam Wireless Wireless equipment provider

Theta Microelectronics, Inc. WLAN manufacturer

Time Warner Telecom Managed network provider

Towerstream Fixed wireless internet provider

Tranzeo Broadband Wireless Manufacturer

Tratec Holding CATV components/engineering

TRDA Telecommunications technology

Trillion Wireless broadband provider

Tropos Metro-scale Wi-Fi network solutions

Unwired Australia nationwide wireless telecom

VCom Inc. Telecom products manufacturer

Vectron International Frequency products

Vivato Wireless network infrastructure company

VokeTel Distribution & Value-Added Logistics

Vyyo Fixed wireless broadband end-to-end solu.

Walbell Fixed wireless broadband solutions

WaveRider Communications NLOS wireless products

Wavesat Wireless Inc. OFDM modem chip supplier

WiLan Communications Products & Technologies

Winncom Technologies WiMAX distributor

Wireless Valley Telecom software

Xilinx Programmable logic devices

Z-Com R&D wireless data solutions

ZDA Communication Wireless communication antennas

ZTE Corporation Telecom equipment manufacturer


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