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WiMAX Metropolitan Network

Redline and Lanka Internet deploy world’s first WiMAX Forum Certified™ metropolitan network

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Redline Communications
June 20, 2006

‘Best-in-class’ WiMAX network demonstrates the benefits of third party interoperability

SINGAPORE -- Redline Communications, a leading provider of standards-based broadband wireless equipment, today announced that Lanka Internet, Sri Lanka’s pioneer, facility-based telecom services operator, has selected Redline’s RedMAX™, the world’s first complete WiMAX Forum Certified™ system, to establish Sri Lanka’s fully certified WiMAX broadband metropolitan network in Colombo.
Lanka Internet is one of Sri Lanka’s fastest-growing telecommunications services providers. The Lanka Internet network incorporates Redline’s WiMAX-certified products to deliver robust, reliable broadband services to the local marketplace - providing an affordable alternative to ADSL, leased Lines and other broadband Internet access products. Lanka Internet is now offering its new WiMAX services to business and select residential customers in the region that were previously underserved by the existing infrastructure.

“Lanka Internet has demonstrated its commitment to delivering the most advanced communications services available to its customers,” said Majed Sifri, President and CEO, Redline Communications. “By establishing its WiMAX network today, Lanka Internet is uniquely positioned to attract new subscribers, introduce new services, and distinguish itself from other service providers in the region. We look forward to working with Lanka Internet as they expand their WiMAX strategy to markets throughout Sri Lanka.”

Building on its success in Colombo, Lanka Internet plans to expand its WiMAX network deployment to several major cities in Sri Lanka, including seamless coverage in Colombo and its suburbs over the coming months. Plans are also underway to expand its existing range of WiMAX-based product and services offerings.

“Wireless technologies are enabling companies to thrive in the highly-competitive telecommunications market all across Asia Pacific, including technology gateways like Sri Lanka. With Redline’s certified products, WiMAX is not only a reality; it allows us to quickly and cost-effectively bring the most advanced communications services to our customers. These include voice, broadband Internet access and data transmission services,” said Thushara Seneviratne, Vice Chairman / CEO, Lanka Internet. “After an exhaustive search, Lanka Internet chose Redline to enhance our ability to offer a wide array of affordable broadband wireless services in Sri Lanka. With the launch of our WiMAX services, businesses in the largest cities will be among the first in the world to experience the benefits of true WiMAX connectivity, such as standardized equipment or lower cost of infrastructure.”

Redline will be assisted by their local partner Cegetel Services Limited for the RedMAX network deployment for Lanka Internet.

Redline’s RedPATH™ Architecture Roadmap
Lanka Internet is among the first carriers in the world to benefit from Redline’s RedPATH architecture roadmap, which provides carriers with a clear business and network deployment strategy that leverages their WiMAX investment. RedPATH is a three-stage approach that guides Redline’s RedMAX product development from supporting today’s fixed and portable services, to products that will enable carriers to expand and enhance their services, and delivering on the promise of full mobility.

With the first phase now complete, operators can establish a WiMAX network that delivers on the performance and interoperability requirements of WiMAX Forum Certified™ products, with an open architecture and management system which are key components for carrier-class networks.

Redline is now delivering on phase two of RedPATH, which will enable operators to expand their services to enhanced fixed services and portable applications. The RedMAX Indoor Subscriber Unit will accelerate the expansion of WiMAX networks to include residential and small business users. Also in this phase, operators can benefit from a new RedMAX base station architecture that will support either or both of today’s WiMAX standards. The third phase of RedPATH will enable RedMAX network operators to evolve to mobile service offerings with advanced physical layer technologies including MIMO and AAS antennas that ensure the ubiquitous coverage required for a profitable mobile business model.

Redline’s RedMAX™ Family
Redline’s RedMAX family of WiMAX solutions includes the world’s first complete network to receive the WiMAX Forum Certified™ mark for conformance to the strict standards for performance and interoperability. The carrier-class RedMAX Base Station (AN-100U) supports voice, video, and prioritized data traffic, enabling long-range, high-capacity wireless broadband networks. Redline’s WiMAX products also include the RedMAX Indoor Subscriber Unit (SU-I) and Outdoor Subscriber Unit (SU-O) designed for enterprise and residential services. The RedMAX Management Suite enables operators to monitor and control the network, ensuring high service availability.

About Lanka Internet
Lanka Internet Service is the pioneer, facility-based, Internet and telecom services operator in Sri Lanka with operations in telecommunications services such as voice telephony, data, public payphone, broadband, internet, VSAT services, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio links, last mile access, voice and video conferencing, VPN & IPVPN, Leased Line Circuits both domestic and international to name but a few. The special advantage of LISL is the exclusive mandate for the utilization of enhanced voice family of technologies / IP based technologies for the provision of voice based services and core network. Lanka Internet is a Recognized Operating Agency (ROA) recognized by the International Telecommunications Union, Geneva.

In addition to the above mentioned services, Lanka Internet is also engaged in External Gateway Operator services and operates in Sri Lanka the required network and infrastructure including and not limited to satellite earth stations, switching and billing infrastructure, routing infrastructure and gateways for the origination, termination and re-filing of international voice calls. Lanka Internet at present is expanding its service offerings such as deployment of WiMax and advance applications which include WiFi enabled IP phones, IP TV and a host of IP based services.

About Redline Communications
Redline Communications is the leading provider of standards-based wireless broadband solutions. Redline’s WiMAX Forum Certified™ systems and award-winning proprietary products enable service providers and other network operators to cost-effectively deliver high-bandwidth services including voice, video and data communications. Redline is committed to maintaining its wireless industry leadership with the continued development of WiMAX and other advanced wireless broadband products. With more than 20,000 installations in 75 countries, and a global network of more than 80 partners, Redline has the experience and expertise to help service providers capitalize on opportunities to roll out the services and applications that drive their business forward. For more information, visit

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