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Cellular Backhaul

Meeting the escalating demand for backhaul

The escalating demand for high bandwidth applications has created a new and exciting world of opportunities and revenue. Cellular operators are focused on extending their networks to reach more subscribers and provide more bandwidth to each customer. Meanwhile, harsh competition as well as declining ARPUs (Average Revenue Per User) has created a vital need to reduce network costs while delivering robust, high quality services.

With backhaul expenses representing a significant chunk of network costs, carriers must find a way to enhance backhaul capacity while reducing its cost per bit, minimizing both CAPEX and OPEX. RADWIN's wireless broadband Point-to-Point solutions are the ultimate answer—providing future proof backhaul that is simpler, more affordable, and easier to install than existing wireless alternatives.

Connecting the global village

Leading the sub-6GHz space, RADWIN empowers cellular carriers with a backhaul solution that meet their needs in a variety of deployment scenarios.

  • Reaching out to rural subscribers – In rural areas population density is low and ARPU is lower than in urban areas. Moreover, the huge expenses involved in building infrastructure in rural areas create an additional challenge for carriers. RADWIN's sub-6GHz backhaul solutions enable easy and affordable expansion of the cellular network by providing high-capacity and long-reach backhaul that is competitively priced and easy to maintain.
  • Delivering enhanced service in urban areas – When customers demand advanced services and increased capacity, using RADWIN solutions carriers can now deliver cellular service to hard-to-cover spots, address peak-hour traffic requirements, and enhance capacity—all at marginal costs.
  • Easy and affordable 3G ramp-up – Migration to 3G and 4G networks requires enhanced capacity and an increased number of base stations. This growth often means an investment in expanding the infrastructure while ROI remains uncertain. RADWIN meets this challenge head on by providing high-capacity long-reach throughput at the lowest possible price points. Service providers can now maintain profitability while ramping up their existing networks to meet growing customer demands.

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Cellular Backhaul



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