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Security & Surveillance

Powering 24/7 video surveillance – anywhere, anytime

Today, everyone from government and public safety agencies to enterprises and corporations is seeking ways to increase security and surveillance measures. RADWIN's wireless broadband systems enable organizations to deploy video surveillance cameras whenever and wherever needed – be it in bustling city streets or at remote sites.

RADWIN's sub-6GHz wireless solutions offer a rich choice of flexible configurations that meet all the vital requirements for video surveillance. Video cameras are connected via a standard Ethernet interface to RADWIN's systems, which then transmit video and data from the cameras back to a central control center. As opposed to many other surveillance connectivity solutions, RADWIN’s wireless systems are completely free of the limitations associated with wires.

RADWIN's compact, easy-to-install systems perform flawlessly in rugged terrains and under adverse weather conditions. They transcend physical and geographical boundaries to enable 24/7 surveillance coverage. RADWIN's Point-to-Point and Multiple-Point-to-Point wireless solutions can be installed and deployed in less than an hour. If needed, RADWIN's systems can be relocated instantly as the organization's needs dictate.

  • Rapid installation of cameras and security devices at any location
  • High bandwidth, secure connection
  • Ideal coverage for remote areas
  • Extremely simple set-up, fast re-deployment

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