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Multiple-Point-to-Point Architecture

RADWIN's breakthrough WinLink™ 1000 Multiple Point-to-Point architecture allows service providers and ISPs to provide multiple end-users with carrier class services (TDM and/or Ethernet) and dedicated bandwidth from one Hub site.

The Hub site includes RADWIN's unique Hub Site Synchronization (HSS) technology which synchronizes the transmission of up to 10 collocated WinLink™ 1000 radios - thus eliminating mutual interference commonly experienced with collocated TDD radios.

It also includes RADWIN's Base Distribution Unit (BDU), a single indoor device that connects up to 8 collocated radios, while providing uplink traffic aggregation (TDM and/or Ethernet) and full layer-2 switching capabilities.

The Multiple-Point-to-Point architecture is ideal for a various target markets. Today, service providers and ISPs are using RADWIN's Multiple-Point-to-Point architecture to provide their end-users with guaranteed dedicated bandwidth. Private networks such as enterprises are using the unique Multiple-Point-to-Point deployment concept to create high-capacity networks where each site enjoys its own dedicated connection.

The Multiple-Point-to-Point architecture allows service providers to benefit from a 'pay as you grow' concept, with fixed cost per connection and low risk in project development and cost.

WinLink™ 1000 Multiple-Point-to-Point Benefits:

  • Deliver dedicated bandwidth per each end-user
  • No degradation in network performance as more users join the network
  • Directional antennas less vulnerable to interferences
  • Provide combination of TDM + Ethernet services
  • Low entry costs; Scalability in network growth
  • Easy planning – no need for radio planning

Multiple-Point-to-Point Deployment Architecture

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