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WiPAN LVSG: IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee PHY+MAC Signal Generation Solution


WiLANTA LVSA11abg-Tx Testing


WiLANTA LVSA11abg is the ideal solution for research, design and evaluation of IEEE 802.11a, b and g transmitters.

WiLANTA LVSA11abg displays PHY layer measurements including raw data and MAC parameters. It allows you to take advantage of high-efficiency testing and measurements by defining suitable span, trigger, attenuation, and reference levels. WiLANTA LVSA11abg lets you analyze signal data stored on disk in .txt, .rtf, .ASCII, and .bin format. This enables importing of signal data captured elsewhere, including any third party signal generatori. Multiple .bin and .rtf signal files stored in a directory can be analyzed using WiLANTA LVSA11abgs batch processing functionality.

In addition, colorful waveforms of data along with markers and zoom options, add a third dimension to signal analysis.Its the only analyzer built to offer scalability and seamless integration with the PXI instruments.

Powerful analysis capabilities help scientists, engineers, and researchers to understand the transmitter characteristics of a WLAN DUT.

Engineers use WiLANTA LVSA11abg to create an environment that requires less cycle time to build a product with the desired attributes and performance, improve manufacturing yields, and directly contribute to overall product quality and profitability.The power of WiLANTA LVSA11abg helps you save time, money, and reduce the development risk.



Standards Supported

IEEE 802.11g
IEEE 802.11b
IEEE 802.11a

Supported frequency range

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band

Data Rates Supported

1,2,5.5,6,9,11,12,18,24,36,48,54 Mbps

Modulation formats Supported

Supports real time and offline analysis
Supports Multi Frame analysis
RF Measurements
Power spectral Density
Occupied bandwidth
Power in Band

MAC Information

Decoding of Frames
Displays Frame, Sub Frame, and network type
Power Management status
Decodes and displays Destination Address,
source Address, BSSID, SSID and FCS
Displays WEP security Encryption Status
Displays the entire Frame Body (MPDU)
Displays Frame Data rates

Baseband Measurements

IQ plot
Constellation Diagram
Power Spectrum
Channel response
Spectral flatness
Transmit Power
Data Bits

Importing Options

txt - Individual I and Q files
txt - WiLANTA IQ generator file
rtf - WiLANTA LVSA11bg ASCII IQ file
bin - WiLANTA LVSA11bg binary IQ file
bin directory - collection of binary IQ files
rtf directory - collection of .rtf IQ files

Saving options

Save IQ data in .bin or .rtf format
Save MAC data in .rtf format

Easy to use interface allows to

Configure acquisition period
Configure Reference Level
Enable/Disable Auto attenuation
Configure attenuation level
Configure sampling rate
Enable/Disable Pulse shaping
Enable/Disable frequency synchronization
Enable/Disable Scrambler
Enable/Disable data demodulation
Enable/Disable Channel Equalization

Display Parameters

Frame length
Data Rate
Code Rate
Frequency error
Number of Symbols
EVM in rms% and db
Pilot EVM in rms% and dbi

Graphical Utilities

User defined plot color and style of lines
Auto Scale for better viewing of PSD plot
Print data

Error indication

Indicates valid Frame detection
Reports on erratic or incomplete loading of signal files
Indicates SFD detect (fail/pass)
Indicates FCS error
Indicates PHY CRC error

Comprehensive Help

Set up

RF Measurements

Figure 1: RF Measurements: Power Spectral Density,
Power in Band and Occupied Bandwidth can be viewed simultaneously
Baseband Measurements

Figure 2: Constellation diagram

Figure 3: MAC Parameters

Target Customers

Suppliers of wireless LAN system components
Engineers specializing in RF and telecommunication systems
Laboratories and test houses
Innovators in WLAN chipsets

WiLANTA LVSA11abg is available in two versions

Full -> Real Time + Offline signal Analysis
IQ Analyzer -> Offline signal Analysis only

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