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OFDM Non-Line-of-Sight

WaveRider LMS8000, 900 MHz OFDM Broadband Wireless

Easily plan, install and deploy a non-line-of-sight wireless network in the unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum with Vecima’s next generation WaveRider LMS8000 series.


  • LMS8000 enables true “Plug and Play” capabilities, enabling service providers or end-users to quickly and easily install their equipment and establish a reliable wireless connection.
  • LMS8000 series broadband radios provide an impressive user throughput of up to 32 Mbps on a CAP site, supporting a profitable business model.
  • Vecima’s new generation technology is highly suitable for your wireless ISP operation, SCADA, telemetry, video surveillance and related applications.
  • Significantly increases data rates and system capacity

WaveRider NCL8000, NCL4900, NCL5800 and WR5812M – 900MHz, 4.9 GHz, 5.8 GHz Enterprise/Backhaul

Ensure superior performance in point-to-point (PTP) or point-to-multipoint (PTMP) applications with Vecima’s WaveRider family of non-line-of-sight PTP bridges with integrated antennas.

Product Features:

  • Cost-effective T-1 lease line replacement
  • IP-based video surveillance solutions
  • Wireless wide area network connectivity
  • Municipal, education, healthcare, security, enterprise and more

900 MHz Point-to-Point Bridge

The NCL8000 can be purchased as a kit with all the components required for a fully configured “out of the box” solution for a wireless PTP link.

4.9 GHz, 400mW Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Bridge/Router

The 4.9 GHz NCL4900 series is a PTP and PTMP bridge/router allowing public safety agencies to build a secure, interference free wireless communications infrastructure with best-in-class features and performance.

5.8 GHz, 400mW Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Bridge/Router

The 5.8 GHz 5800 bridge/router is an ideal solution for short or long distance PTP and PTMP applications.

4.9 and 5.8 GHz, MIMO Radio System

The new WR4912M and WR5812M OFDM-MIMO radio allows for high capacity, near line-of-sight deployment and strong immunity to multi-path with user data rates of up to 96 Mbps

WaveRider MMT9000, MBT9000 and CCU8000 – 900 MHz Nomadic Data Access

Deliver high speed voice and data services wherever constant, reliable communications are required. The DC powered MMT9000 Mobile Terminal and MBT9000 Mobile Base Terminal are cost effective and compact.

Product Features:

  • Over-the-air data rates of 2.75 Mbps and access speeds of 2.0 Mbps
  • Supports voice, video and data communication
  • Enables end-user mobility; suitable for in-vehicle installations
  • Extended temperature range of -40 C to 50 C
  • Superior 900 MHz non-line-of-sight performance
  • Reliable, secure, easy to deploy

They are ideal for rapid deployment systems such as:

  • Emergency Response
  • Disaster Relief
  • Construction Projects
  • Oil and Gas Industry

900 MHz Base Station with PoE (Stationary Base Station)

900 MHz Nomadic Base Station Terminal

900 MHz Nomadic Subscriber Terminal



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